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tradition. john mccain did only give two years, which is fair to say. but george w. bush gave eight years of tax returns. john kerry gave 20. my god, i can't even believe he saved 20 years. president obama gave 12 years. jonathan, that's the point. i -- how do you graciously, if you're mitt romney, give in here? >> well, there's no gracious way to give in anymore, because he's had his back up against the wall for so long. but there still is the opportunity to give in, get it out there and move on for him. i mean, you know, those of us who have, you know, gone to kind of crisis communications 101 have taken those -- 101 course of crisis communications understand that you've got something that you don't think people are going to like, the best thing you can do is get it out there and get it over with. meanwhile, mitt romney, you notice, continues to dance around the subject and dance around the subject, giving us lots to talk about on cable tv, speculating what's in it, speculating what might be in it. it's fun for us. >> one night of aggressive hits on the low tax rate in 2009 or whatever
people were killed in syrian violence today. >>> former president george w. bush is going to skip the republican national convention. in a statement to cnn, his spokesman says, quote, he supports governor romney and wants him to succeed. president bush is confident mitt romney will be a great president but he's still enjoying his time off the political stage. earlier this week, bush's father, former president george h.w. bush, announced he wouldn't be attending the convention either due to health reasons. that has been 351 days since the u.s. lost its top credit rating. what are we doing to get it back? knee d new data showing 29 states added jobs in june. unemployment rates rose in 27 states. part of the reason we might have seen the increase is more people who are out of work started looking for jobs. which increases the size of the labor pool. now let's send it back to don lemon in colorado with more of our breaking news coverage. don. >> all right, john, thank you very much. appreciate that. we're here at the scene where this horrific shooting happened just less than 24 hours
says 215 were killed in syrian violence today. >>> former president george w. bush is going to skip the convention. he supports mitt romney and want him to succeed. but he's still enjoying his time off the political stage and respectfully declines the information to go to the tampa. his father announced he wouldn't be there either due to health reasons. >>> it's been 3 a1 days since the u.s. lost its top credit rating. 29 states added jobs in june. unemployment rose in 27 states. part of the reason is more people who are out of work started looking for jobs which increases the size of the labor pool. now let's send it back to don lemon in colorado. >>> thank you, john. our third story tonight, out front. we have been hearing from many movie goers about the massacre. some say when they saw him they thought he was some sort of gimmick to promote the new batman movie and as we all know now, that wasn't the case. >> don, this is what law enforcement suggests now happened. they believehe suspect came into the theater with a ticket, went out through an exit door to the right ofhe screen t
strategist for george w. bush mark mckenna join us "outfront" tonight. i want to play a clip of an impressive attack by ohio's own john boehner. let's take a listen. >> i think the president's attack on the private sector in america is exactly what's wrong with this administration. doesn't give a damn about middle class americans who are out there looking for work. what he's trying to do is distract the american people in order to win his own reelection. >> tell us how you really feel there, john. let's talk about the importance of ohio. take a look at the current cnn electoral map. in this scenario, obama seems likely to start with 247 electoral votes. romney expected to get 206. 85 are a toss-up. but suddenly ooeb's been five electoral votes of winning. roland, there's a reason obama has made eight trips to ohio so far this year. romney's made ten. what do you think president obama needs to do to win over the main street middle class voters in the buckeye state? >> actually if you go back to 2009, the two states he was immediately going to were ohio as well as north carolina. and when gover
insular campaign. one of the problems mitt romney has is very much like what george w. bush had, which is a great deal of loyalty to his staff. and doesn't necessarily cut strings when it's time. i'm concerned about eric fehrnstrom and he gave the etch-a-sketch remark and internally romney people seem to be saying they're upset with him for doing that. at the same time, though, the president up until the supreme court gave him a win last week had a significant series of bad weeks. polling isn't going well in the battle grounds. even cnn has him behind mitt romney in battle grounds. and no one wants to talk about should barack obama's team do this. i don't know if it's fair to talk about mitt romney's team when they're neck and neck in the polls and he hadn't done anything wrong in the past few weeks. >> right. and this is a campaign being run out of massachusetts so there are a lot of consultants wanting in. but to change your campaign at this point would be so destabilizing and demoralizing. you want to reach out and grow your campaign is what i think i'm hearing eric say. but when yo
in the point when john kerry was running he outraised george w. bush at the time. >> she did work for kerry but there are gripes but the party is uniting around mitt romney and especially on the back of the supreme court nomination where they raised a huge amount of money in 24 hours and he has a big boost and sounds like she is adjusting expectations downward and it sounds like romney a hundred million dollar month with rnc money and not including superpacs. we know this is a billion dollar election. this is going to be big money. >> big money on both sides. >> big money on both sides. >> i thought her comment was important. it's easy to say, oh, you know, some guy who is in trouble running a bank is bundling for the other guy. the problem you had a guy on your side too. the bundlers tend to be very wealthy and very connected. often wall street people. >> exactly. as you pointed out neither party has a monopoly on virtue or vice. for every time there is a corzne. >> a verdict in the case of a man who beat up the priest that he says abused him nearly three decades ago. >>> do claims of an a
former president george h.w. bush, about 18% in cuts. and then former president clinton. clinton did start to increase defense spending during his term but it still ended lower than where it was when he took office. another thing that stands out to me about this chart is defense spending. you're looking at real terms defense spending is higher now than it was in the cold war or even during vietnam. it looks like it was higher during world war ii although there were extraneous spending items then. that's not an entirely fair comparison. but the chart is courtesy of the center for american progress and the department of defense. so when you look at that, you have to ask the question, do the claims of national security disaster add up when it comes to the sequestration? i asked that question to someone who should know the answers. wes bush, the ceo of northrup grumman. >> sequestration could have a devastating impact on our overall economic condition. you mentioned 2 million jobs lost. that could raise the unemployment rate on a national level about 9%. we're talking about both defense
>> i sang once for president george w. bush. and, really, it's tough. >> you knew all the words -- >> i did not mess up the words. but it's easy to do it. >> would you sing that for snus. >> maybe someday -- no. >> is there a videotape of that. >> that's not. >> we have to go. "erin burnett outfront" starts right now. >>> the house passes a bill for the 33rd time that has absolutely no shot of going anywhere. one lawmaker says he has a solution to fix congress. but is it really a solution or just another no-go gimmick? we'll ask him. >>> mitt romney gets booed in front of a large audience. was this a miscalculation on his part to even take the stage? >>> and the pentagon releases a report saying iran is dramatically upping the capability of some of its conventional weapons. let's go "outfront." >>> good evening. i'm tom foreman filling in for erin burnett. "outfront" tonight, fiddling in washington while bankruptcy burns across the nation. san bernardino, california, is the latest american town unable to pay its bills. the math is $46 million in debt. they've made drastic cuts i
%, in real terms. ronald reagan cut defense by 10% in his second term. george h.w. bush cut it. so this is right in line with those. that seems to make sense. >> yes, when you're talking about percentages, always matter where is you're starting from. i think it's more instructive to actually look at the dollars being cut f. you look at the total between defense and non-defense, it would represent a reduction of over $100 billion in the coming fiscal year. and that's really the number you have to focus on that translates into the economic impact that we're talking about. so a structure today, this would be a precipitous set of cuts that would happen very quickly, would happen without the benefit of strategic thinking on how they would be applied. to do that at a time when our nation continues to face an array of security issues around the globe that demand our attention, demand our presence, demand our military capability, really does not make any sense. >> so are you saying, then, that on a percentage basis, that these cuts would be fair, but your problem is the way they're going a
Search Results 0 to 36 of about 37 (some duplicates have been removed)